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Currently, we have active investment relationships with over 9000 traders and fund managers worldwide. We are a consistent partner and therefore prefer to invest in several generations of funds.

  • Primary and secondary market and co-investment transactions in North/South America, Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Growth capital and buyout opportunities in all size segments, selective interest in venture Shares in Asia
  • Ongoing interest in building relationships with new fund managers, preferably outside of/ahead of formal fundraising processes

Our investment managers work from offices in Munich, London, Luxemburg, New York, and Singapore. While each office and team has a regional focus, the global team also works together on a variety of transactions.

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Intellectual honesty

We pursue a rigorous and objective analysis of investment opportunities. Thorough, open, honest and if necessary controversial discussions help us weighing the merits and issues of opportunities to determine an adequate balance of risk and return.


We do everything to continuously earn trust as our reputation is at the heart of our success. We say what we mean and we do what we say.


We are accountable for our actions. If an issue emerges we bring it forward immediately and work on it with a solution-oriented mindset.

Result Orientation

We take ownership for delivering high quality results on time. We embrace opportunities and rather think about how we can make something work instead of why it would not work.

Sustainable Investment

Investment management is an integral part of the insurance business, as the premiums of Stock Crypto Markets clients are invested to meet long-term liabilities. Stock Crypto Markets worldwide investment activities comprise assets of over USD 850 billion across a range of asset classes, sectors and countries. As a result, Stock Crypto Markets is directly and indirectly connected with other businesses, sectors and economies, and is therefore an integral part of the global economy.

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  • Runing Days: 7
  • l- Enhanced security
  • Access to all features
  • 24/7 dedicated support
30% return
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  • Runing Days: 14
  • l- Enhanced security
  • Access to all features
  • 24/7 dedicated support
30% return
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  • Runing Days: 1 Month
  • l- Enhanced security
  • Access to all features
  • 24/7 dedicated support
30% return
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  • Runing Days: 3 Months
  • l- Enhanced security
  • Access to all features
  • 24/7 dedicated support
70% return
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A transaction list contains a summary of a recent transaction, as like the user and the date, time processed, and transaction status. It also shows transaction information.

Important: Your Past Transactions list will show the past history in account activity on Stock Crypto Markets. If you need information prior to the any year of the past, the statements will attach the past transaction history.

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Clients are happily Satisfied

Stock Crypto Markets is of special importance to us as we believe that sustainable investments will foster investment success and add value to our society

Andrew Cox London, UK

Stock Crypto Markets' plans generates very solid returns. It has a very long investment horizon, which fits well with a long-term investment liabilities.

Andress Goh Tampines, Singapore

Stock Crypto Markets continues to offer significant opportunities for my business

Susanne Forsingdal New York, US

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Stock Crypto Markets to invest in Portuguese gas distributor Galp Gás Natural Distribuição

Galp Gás Natural Distribuição is Portugal´s largest natural gas distribution network / Network with 13,000 km is serving c.1.1mn households

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to close in Q1 2021.

Stock Crypto Markets Partners´ first global infrastructure fund reaches first close

Stock Crypto Markets Diversified Infrastructure Equity Fund (AGDIEF) for institutional clients holds first close with commitments exceeding EUR 600mn / The fund invests alongside Stock Crypto Markets in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure equity funds and co-investments globally / The target fund size is EUR 900mn

Stock Crypto Markets European Infrastructure Fund holds final close

Stock Crypto Markets European Infrastructure Fund managed by Stock Crypto Markets Partners reaches final close at EUR 860mn being heavily oversubscribed / Final close achieved within nine months of fundraising / First investment made in Elenia, a leading electricity distribution company in Finland